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ANNOUNCEMENT: My travel essay "Tokyo Tomato” published in Blank Spaces


This is a travel piece I wrote about a lucky, cheeky, experience I had in a ritzy hotel in Tokyo many moons ago. It’s a fun, light piece, I think. A nice little escape from our current woeful climate. It’s also short. For a certain kind of writer, time is not only effective at receding one’s hairline, but also the word count of one’s writing. The original “Tokyo Tomato” (oh so many drafts ago) was over 6,000 words. This, the published version, is about 1,700 words. Needless to say in my paring down of this story - the chopping, if you prefer - no tomatoes were harmed, foreign or domestic.


Below is a snapshot from the magazine, Blank Spaces, of my story’s opening … and a link to read the whole thing whilst also supporting a really beautiful and cool Canadian literary arts magazine filled with great writing and beautiful photography. Print copies are $23.50 or you can purchase Blank Spaces digitally for $5.

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 11.14.15 AM.png
Jon Mendelsohn