my clients are as varied as the projects i work on.

Jon asks all the right questions, he thinks, he pauses and he digests. This results in him ‘just getting it’.
— Anson Sowby, Founder and Ceo, battery (an ad age agency of the year)

in sum...



I {ghost*} write and edit for CEOs and executives. I've worked on a New York Times Bestselling business book and written Op-ed pieces for CEOs. I've helped heads of ad agencies and NGOs and the founders of leadership and training organizations with everything from brand and strategic messaging to fundraising letters and personal communications. 

*Discretion is paramount.


In my experience, Jon does three things exceptionally well:
1. He can make what you write sound a lot better, tighter, cleaner and clearer; 
2. He can write it for you to a tight deadline; and
3. He has incredible range in terms of voice; he had no trouble taking on the tone I wanted, be it straight ahead professional, edgy and creative or journalistic. 
But maybe most impressively, Jon is a great listener. The listener part might sound odd, but it's a strikingly key part of Jon's personality as he intently listens before starting each assignment. He asks all the right questions, he thinks, he pauses and he digests. This results in him "just getting it." It makes the process smooth and successful. Honestly, he's taught me how to be a better listener and soak up the assignment as I work with my clients. 

--Anson Sowby, Founder & CEO of Battery (An Ad Age Agency of the Year)


I was in the early stages of writing my book, "Performing Under Pressure" when i happened upon Jon. Suffice to say, he came along at just the right time for me. 

I was a new writer lacking in confidence and experience. I was struggling to find my voice. I was struggling to find a 'through line' that brought everything together. I really wondered if I could even pull off this seemingly huge, immovable project. If this sounds remotely familiar, read on.

Jon did a number of things, big and small, that made a huge difference for me and this project. He was a highly competent editor and he helped me organize and tighten the writing of those first chapters. He also was a great sounding board. The work he offers, I came to appreciate, isn't just about dotting your i's and crossing your t's. It's about thinking deeper, asking questions and ultimately clarifying whatever message you want to get across, and how to do that most effectively. I learned from him. I came to appreciate that writing was craft that, yes, even I could learn.

He's smart, talented and and, more importantly from my perspective, he is a good person. That mattered. I needed someone who had empathy and talent. Someone who cares about people and was passionate about the project. I cannot recommend Jon highly enough. 

--JP Pawliw-Fry, President and Co-founder of IHHP


Jonathan is excellent at strategic messaging and writing. With nearly no background knowledge of our organization, he was able to immediately produce targeted and high quality writing. He is punctual, great at keeping his clients in the know and managing projects. He is an absolute pleasure to work with.

--George Roter, Ceo and Co-founder of Engineers Without Borders


Jonathan is a real mensch

He took the time to understand my vision and used his creative energy to come up with a powerful finished product. He was precise and fun to work with and a very responsive to my requests and edits. It felt like we were a team and he was very collaborative in his process.   

--Larry Borins, Founder of Mind Health Toronto


What impressed me most with Jon was how little direction he needed. His ability to adapt and be responsive to our needs was immediate and ever-present. He delivered a series of complex messages and worked well within our deadlines. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.  

--Sonia Whiteson, Marketing Director, RBC


I was in a pinch and Jon came in exactly when I needed him. He was not only able to create a business proposal that flowed and communicated exactly what it needed to say to deadline, but he could change tone according to my exact specifications. This is a guy who has the ability to write both highly creative work as well as the more formal business kinds of things I need in my firm. If you need someone to help out with writing needs in your business, this is your guy. Highly recommend.

-- Jesse Moscoe at Trifold Creative Inc.