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Jukebox Offering #71

There is a moment in Todd Haynes' "I'm Not There" that takes place at a sort of otherworldly western frontier town. A rather tired and believe it or not soulful looking Richard Gere - it might be the glasses or the shaggy facial hair - is in poor cowboy getup, walking his horse amidst a motley crew of similarly poor looking people and the free walking animals by their side all moving in the direction of what might be the centre of the town. They stop in front of a gazebo, on which a band starts up playing. The song a dirge; the event a funeral of sorts. It's the mood of the song set in the midst of this fable like land, with its odd cast of characters, some of the people in face paint, wild animals in the middle of town. A sliver of a moment in an uneven movie. But I can't forget it. The song is Bob Dylan's "Goin to Acapulco" performed by Jim James and Calexico. It's pretty devastating and it's playing on The Jukebox now.