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In the Telling

None too many can tell a tale like a Jack London or an Ernest Hemingway
And this one, it won't be easy
I can say that straight
It'll be told simple enough though
The language mostly plain
But in the telling a kind of beauty
Of what men must do
Men in nature
Men against the elements and worse still against each other
And themselves
The old story, the struggle to survive
Campin out there in the wilds
A fire to keep the lions from getting at your horse
Or so the story goes
But so too the way the moon looks reflected off a river
Just to stop and notice that
Amidst the harsh world God has wrought
That's what this tale'll show
That's what it'll do
The writer calls himself McCarthy
The book's "The Crossing"
Part of his Border Trilogy
This the second in said threesome
And I'm recommendin her to you