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My Favourite Movies of the 21st Century

1. The Social Network (D. Fincher)

2. The Constant Gardner (F. Meirelles)

3. Another Year (M. Leigh)

4. Zodiac (D. Fincher)

5. Blue is the Warmest Color/La Vie d’Adele (A. Kechiche)

6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (M. Gondry)

7. 2046 (K.W. Wong)

8. The New World (T. Malick)

9. Lost in Translation (S. Coppola)

10. The Motorcycle Diaries (W. Salles)

11. In the Mood for Love (K.W. Wong)

12. The Dark Knight (C. Nolan)

13. High Fidelity (S. Frears)

14. Inglorious Basterds (Q. Tarantino)

15. Never Let Me Go (M. Romanek)


Honourable Mentions: Munich, Monsoon Wedding, Happy-Go-Lucky, Slumdog Millionaire, District 9, Zero Dark Thirty, Nobody Knows/Dare Mo Shiranai, No Country for Old Men, The Dark Knight Rises, Before Midnight