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(Does it Matter that) Chuck Klosterman Wore Converse to the Gladstone Hotel

My latest piece published in The Toronto Review of Books In the Times review of Chuck Klosterman’s latest book, I Wear the Black Hat, the author is described as “the envy of every culture critic who ever tottered home from a Starbucks laptop session with his clothes smelling of caffeine and cremated ideas.”

(Full disclosure: this writer often drinks caffeine and cremates ideas at your local Starbucks. Also, I envy Chuck Klosterman.)

As such, like so many bespectacled Starbucks frequenters, I too was at the Gladstone a few weeks back to catch the best-selling essayist on a Canadian stage. With each new beer received, the banter got wittier, the depth of argument deeper and the indie-rock references, well, there were many. That is to say Chuck Klosterman in person, in black Converse, is every bit the author in his books: nerdy, funny, bright and egocentric...

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