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185 Words on "Ruby Sparks"

"Ruby Sparks" is funny.

It's funny for people who tire quickly of dick and ball jokes of the meek and Judd Apatow variety.

It's funny for people who are okay with a little reality - and humanity - with their humour.

"Ruby Sparks" is well cast.

Paul Dano is skinny, he's not pretty and he's very good. As we know. He can be evil ("There Will Be Blood") and he can be mute ("Little Miss Sunshine") and now he can be funny while remaining real. Think two parts Woody Allen, one part John Cusack -- wait, how many parts do I get? Cause Dano deserves at least a few of his own.

Dano's real life girlfriend, Zoe Kazan, granddaughter of Elia Kazan, is not so bad either. Which is to say that she is wonderful and bubbly and shiny and original, and [breathe] odd and funny and smart and very real-seeming. Oh and did I mention she wrote the script?

"Ruby Sparks" is not perfect and it's not "Little Miss Sunshine" (same directorS), but what else are you gonna do before September? Watch "Expendables 2"?

Lord help us.