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Next Up: Sophie, I mean, Mia Wasikowska in "Jane Eyre"

The reviews from the NY Times on down are all solid red tomatoes. And while "Jane Eyre" is usually more my mother's (and my wife's) territory than mine, the very fact of them casting

Mia Wasikowska ("The Kids Are Alright" and "Alice in Wonderland") in the lead inspires real hope. Hope stemming not from her movie career but from her breakout performance as a teenage girl in HBO's "In Treatment." (If you still haven't seen the first season, do.) Wasikowska, to be honest, let me down in her portrayal of Alice, but then Burton's Disneyfied, formula-tied take on the great Lewis Carroll story left me nauseous so I can't totally blame the poor girl. I only hope she can really dazzle again as she did in "In Treatment" for I fear otherwise like the Barenaked Ladies with "Gordon" or the young Claire Daines in the short-lived "My So-Called Life" I'm not sure Wasikoska will ever top the performance that made her famous: her remarkably emotionally open portrayal of a tremendously complex and compelling sixteen year-old girl named Sophie.