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Roseanne Barr on Q - Grounded; Roseanne Connor in a Classic Episode - Not So Grounded

First her interview on Oprah now the one on CBC's Q - who knew that Roseanne Barr could make such a deep and wonderful interview subject? She is grounded, mature, grown-up. In the other words she's gone in  the exact opposite direction of her country and (let's not BS ourselves Canada) ours.

I loved her show and I'm just as, if not far more impressed, with the woman she is now, who speaks with real integrity. Turns out there might just be a life after stardom. Turns out it might just be a whole hell of a lot better.  Roseanne's Q interview is worth a listen to hear a woman who went through the eye of the fame storm and came out the other side glad to be over it, glad to be older and clearly so so so much wiser. If nothing else but for her offer to take Sarah Palin for a beer and straighten her out, it's definitely worth checking out.

As Jian and others have put it, we need a Roseanne on TV again.

[Totally cribbed this off CBC Q's website - kudos to them for finding it cause this is an all-time classic episode of  80s/90s sitcom TV (Remember when they actually made sitcoms that kicked aish?]