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Jonny's Journal Sunday Entry #2

It's cold in Canada now. Cold in Vancouver. Colder in Toronto. I'd hate to be in Edmonton, let's be honest. But at least tonight there's snow where I am. Fluffy white coming down under streetlight. Coming down fast and furious in bitter cold wind, but I don't mind. Especially not when I've hurried meself into a warm and welcoming apartment, the old school rad(iator) pumping more heat than is environmentally friendly, but that makes for my toes gone toasty. A warm duvet, a good hot chocolate. These things are nice. Like turtleneck sweaters. Like a partner to spoon in your bed, or your lack of bed since it broke. So a partner to spoon on your mattress on the plank on the floor. Who says student life ever has to end, says the guy sleeping on a mattress on the floor and working part-time at a bookstore.

Goodnight my friends.