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New Harry Potter Movie is Bad, Really Bad. Sorry, but someone had to say it.

[Warning: If you love Harry Potter movies, you're about to hate me.]

Harry Potter movie number 7a. No idea. Not even a hint of a clue what it is captivating people by this flick. Been holding back on this (saw the movie last Thursday night, a pre-screening; it was free) because:

1.  A friend got me the free tickets so thought this might offend;
2. Other  friends that came with to watch thoroughly enjoyed so didn't want to rain on their parade;
3. I prefer recommending movies to ragging on them.


I'll make an exception. Cause when a movie makes this much money and garners 79% positive reviews from the aggregators over at rottentomatoes.com, I have to put up my hand and interrupt the class and say, Sorry sensei but,

What the hell?

The kid who plays Ron Weasley is the only remotely decent actor of the three leads. The girl who plays Hermoine may be pretty enough to sell purses and rain coats, but a great actress she ain't. And Harry. Sorry buddy but you neither. Cause when you don't have a line to deliver you're like some amateur actor (takes one to know...) who doesn't know what to do with his hands let alone the rest of his self.

How? How with a budget that big and British character actors (the adults in the movie) that good could you make such a boring flick? David Yates. The movie's director. Heard of him? Me neither. Know why? All's he ever did before making the last few Harry Potter movies was make TV movies no one's ever heard of.

Sorry but with a budget this big, and a built-in audience this fierce, how do you choose such a hack to helm the thing?  The movie's one long string of gorgeous locations smooshed one on top of the other with nothing to connect them or have us feel them as real in any way.

Bad acting, worse directing and sorry JK, but the storytelling - there are more coincidences in this story than a b-grade Van Damme picture (was there any other kind?). 'Oh, Harry, you need a wand. I just happen to have one in my racksack.' I'm not even making that up. It's that bad. That bad! All that was missing was a, You killed my brother! line.

Tell me I'm not the only one. Tell me, if you had to endure the hours of boredom that were Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, you saw how lame it was.

My pic for worst movie of the year.

Ouch! Or ouchie, as they say in Australia.