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Tonight I'm Not Texting, Chatting, Clicking, Flipping, Typing, Watching or Screen-touching

5* Reasons I'm Gonna Read a Good Book Tonight**

1. It Doesn't Involve Social Media (basically)
--Nuff said.
2. If You're Only Watching What Everyone Else is Watching ...
--Original thought requires original activity. Which is related to;
3.  Inspiration
When you're re-reading a passage cause you can't concentrate and your mind keeps wandering - that wandering is often the very source of inspiration and creativity.

4. That Kid Thing
--To go back to that place when mum or dad read to you in bed. (Or, if they didn't, here's your chance to get under the covers and go someplace else in your mind.) Cause for every The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Choose Your Own Adventure or Anne of Green Gables of your youth there is an adult equivalent. Trust me. I just started working in a bookstore. I'm supposed to know.

5. Yoga is to Your Butt as Book is to Your Brain
--Ever get up after watching three hours of youtube, stretch your arms out and say, 'Ahhh, I feel so much better?' Me neither. Like working out, it's often rough going those first pages but you feel soooo good after.

* It turns out there may in fact be more than five reasons to read a good book. Care to share one?

** In which Mendelsohn admits to watching 6 of 10 youtube parts of a documentary last night before finally getting in bed to read his book. (The doc was very inspiring if you must know.)

>>This didactic bit of soap box preaching was brought to you by the one day hopeful makers of the very things I am today starting to purvey.