It's not just a name, it's an institution. Actually, it's just a newsletter.

New Music

The theme is Canadiana. God knows about our politics, but at least the music's good.

Now's a good time to press  play on jukebox on left side of screen (scroll down till you're under the chair).

"The West Wind" by Tom Thompson (1917)

Gave Neil Young pride of position for obvious reasons and cause of this new diner theme I've been thinking of for the site. (The music video to "Harvest Moon" is set in a diner.)

A little old, a little new. Mostly obvious, all true.

I apologize for some obvious omissions but Playlist.com doesn't have The Hip's "Wheat Kings" and it doesn't have Blue Rodeo's "Hasn't Hit Me Yet" either. Also, "Bobcaygeon" just wouldn't fit with the other four songs I chose (but I slipped it in at the very bottom of the list).