It's not just a name, it's an institution. Actually, it's just a newsletter.

Ice Whine

If I lived by a beach.
If it was warmer.
If I had more money.
If I had more time.

If if if.

It would be so much easier.
I'd feel so much better.
The world would be so much better.

Ok, maybe not.
That doesn't make it easier, though.

The daily grind again.
That hamster wheel to nowhere.
The dreary 9-5.
The endless cycle.
The tired Monday.
The can't get out of bed Thursday.
The too short weekend.
The Sunday night I hope this never ends.

To be on a good Ko in Thailand.
Just five days.
That's all I'd need.
Fruit drinks with straws, umbrellas.
Mornings that never end.
Two hour breakfasts where you read the whole newspaper.
Long beach walks at dusk.

Meanwhile February's just began and I live in Canada.