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My Metaphoric Fireplace

To those I know in need

I wish I could offer more than a prayer to heal your desperate wounds
I wish I could do more with my hands than type this simple tune

It's cold in December and the darkness has seeped in
But tonight I light my metaphoric fireplace to invite you all in

To all the sad souls I know
And this year I know more than a few
To the unfortunate on whom tragedy has befallen of late
Come sit by my fire I've made hot cocoa for two

In poetry not prose because perhaps you don't feel like talking
What is there to say
Sometimes you just need a shoulder
Another to tell you it'll all be ok

Like when your parents rubbed your toweled arms hard after a swim
Who knows if it actually helped
Was it not though worth a try
Still it's natural to question and ask aloud God Why

These symbols, these words, what power can they hold
Not nearly enough in all honesty
The dark they cannot reverse

But if they come from the heart
As these sentimental lines of verse aim to do
I hope tonight they find you
And hint at hope anew

PoemsJonathan Mendelsohn