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What to Read, What to Read - Here: A Few Current Page Turners

3 books I've read in the last year, recommended in the last year, and still recommend now.

1. Lloyd Jones' "Mr. Pip" - probably the most satisfying fiction read of the year.

2. Amelie Nothomb's "Tokyo Fiancee" - funny novel about unusual love, that is just as much if not more also a remarkable insight into the heart of the enigma wrapped in the mystery that is Japan.

3. Dave Eggers' "Zeitoun" - true harrowing story of living through Katrina, as a Muslim-American.

[And, way past due, if you haven't already read Malcom Gladwell's "Outliers" - fascinating book, that in typical Gladwellian fashion uses thoroughly engaging readable anecdotes to illustrate academic research, in this case, about key ingredients to success.]