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The Loner's Drug of Choice

What I miss most about smoking, other than the suck-inhaling act itself, and the paraphenelia, and the security blanket of carrying the paraphernalia - patting down that same pant pocket to make sure lighter and smokes were where they needed to be before leaving the house - was the getting away from the crowd. It's one of the great smoker secrets. That much as smoking is a social act, an act of quick and easy bonding, it is as much and more the most acceptable of anti-social activities. Just gonna step out in the middle of some family dinner for a smoke or five. Gonna break away from the work space a moment. No, no, it's not you. Just a craving, you know. Just gotta have a butt outside; I'll be right back.

I miss sitting and smoking out on the concrete steps in front of my parents house, or smoking in their backyard that was once mine. Getting away from the crowd, seven minutes of peace and quiet. That and the act itself, and all the chemical altering relax inducing rest of it.

Sugar's sweet, but smoking was the loner's real treat.