It's not just a name, it's an institution. Actually, it's just a newsletter.

Reading is an Extra Curricular Activity

The best places for reading:
1. in bed at night before sleep
2. in bed on a weekend morning when you got no plans, no rush, no kids (or the magical possiblity of your kids not being up yet)
3. Japanese trains
4. trains in other parts of the world
5. subways
6. under a tree in a park
7. on a park bench
8. lying on my parents big blue couch in their living room
9. The Blue Moon Cafe (a totally preposterous little (by little I'm talking two tables and the wooden counter) eatery in north Osaka that makes Tex Mex and South-East Asian and Korean dishes and almost always has Johnny Cash's greatest hits on the mini stereo)
10. my living room in the evening, candles aflame on the windowsill