It's not just a name, it's an institution. Actually, it's just a newsletter.

panties, pornos and the future

anything i put up here i share. anything i share i want people to see. anything you see i want you to see. we see more.

today rushing down the steps at yonge station i saw a young woman's panties. she was running ahead of me. it was a kleenex light skirt. a crinkly light thing that the wind took up. a big monroe show. they were red. her panties. thongs.

the other day it was a boob i spotted, bare, in profile. the whole boob, the boob in its entirety, all except the nipple, and that only because said nipple was pressed up against the shirt the woman was sort of wearing. she had her button down shirt that wide open. that few buttons buttoned, i mean. that much boob showing. no bra of course.

a blog is so often where one comes to watch blogger cry and yawn and scream and preach.

should i hold back?

should i keep secrets from you, dear reader?

or should i instead share my perversions, and that cool and analytical and judgmental as i may be now, that i wasn't feeling quite so anything but titillated in the heat of the panty spotting moment? more posting about who did what to who and why? like the water cooler blog extraordinaire?

because really, would you look so much, so often, and share with your friends, if i didn't share my panty colour with you?

my boob with you?

some days i take the subway and feel like i am living in a porno. the panties and the braless ladies. all of it.

if you could turn to the back cover of toronto's Now magazine from this week, dated thurs july 24th, you'd see an ad for american apparel. a collection of pictures of one young girl. her age isn't the issue (this time around). It's this one picture in particular. a view from behind. it's a close up of her bent over in black underwear. the view though, the way her legs are (ie not so tight together), is not just of an ass.

i keep thinking, how long before we're all just walking round naked? that's about as far as it's gotten, almost. it need go just a couple steps further, from showing their thongs to not wearing thongs to just not wearing anything but accessories, high heels and big hoop earrings. and why not?

it'd never work. for 1, cause it wouldn't be sexy. there is no 2. we can only take it so much further. and then what? like the einstein quote about what we'd fight world war 4 with?

sticks and stones.

if Now magazine can print adds of girls crotches, and women can bare their boobs and their panties? we really aren't far from the naked thing. what then? damned if I know.


chastity belts?

who's to say? but sex this out in the open has a twin and that twin is violence. so in the comfort of my home and without a pair of panties to distract me, i'll end on this: i think it's more dangerous than we realize. a lot more dangerous.